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Swivel Hoist Ring Usage & Application


Warning: Improper usage of of lifting devices can causer serious injury, damage to equipment, or death. To ensure the safety of yourself and any others using these devices, please read and understand all safety guidelines prior to using the device and only allow properly trained individuals to operate the lifting devices.

All of RiggingCanada's swivel hoist rings meet or exceed all requirements of ASME B30.26 (B30.26 applies to the construction, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance of detachable rigging hardware used for load handling activities in conjunction with equipment described in other volumes of the B30 Standard. This hardware includes shackles, links, rings, swivels, turnbuckles, eye bolts, hoist rings, wire rope clips, wedge sockets, rigging blocks and load indication devices)

Angle Reduction

Warning: Angles can reduce your working load limit! It it important that you understand angle reductions for working load limits. It is not as simple as multiplying the number of swivel hoist rings by their respective working load limits. Lower lifting angles can reduce the lifting capacity. Please refer to the below chart for the capacity reductions by angle.

Swivel Hoist Ring Angle Reductions

You should never exceed the working load limit for any hoist ring. The design factor should NOT be taken into account when determining a safe lifting capacity. The design factor is necessary to prevent injury or damage in the case of unintentional misuse, such as shock-loading or over-loading a swivel hoist ring.

Load Material

The load material must have a minimum tensile strength of AT LEAST 80,000 PSI to maintain a full load rating. We recommend using a through hole with washer and nut for lower tensile materials.


A properly installed swivel hoist ring will allow for 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of pivot. The mounting surface must be smooth and flat. Ensure that the mounting screw is tightened to the torque specification indicated on the swivel hoist ring. Torque values are based on a dry installation with no lubrication. When lifting, always gradually apply loads to avoid to avoid shock-loading the swivel hoist ring.

  • DO NOT allow swivel hoist rings to bind or pinch
  • DO NOT allow side loading on the bail of a swivel hoist ring. Use a spreader bar or lifting beam to avoid this.
  • DO NOT modify or alter swivel hoist rings in anyway.
  • DO NOT reeve slings from the bail of one swivel hoist ring to another; use a separate hook for each swivel hoist ring.

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