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M16 DIN 580 Metric Eye Bolt

  • These eye bolts have been made to meet or exceed DIN 580 standard
  • Forged from High Tensile Alloy Steel, marked with size and working load limit
  • To be used only by properly trained personnel; training required varies by jurisdiction
  • Eye bolt must be fully screwed in and have full contact with the shoulder and the load
  • Base material to be lifted must be equal or greater than that of the eye bolt
  • Never Exceed Working Load Limit
Metric DIN 580 Eye Bolts Dimensions
Part ID K-FMEB-M16
Description M16 DIN 580 Metric Eye Bolt
Brand Generic
WLL: 90°(kg) 700
WLL: 45°(kg) 500
A(mm) M16
B(mm) 35
C(mm) 63
D(mm) 35
H(mm) 62
I(mm) 27
K(mm) 14


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