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3-1/2" Van Beest Super Bow Anchor Shackle

  • Super Bow Shackle with Safety Green PinĀ® Bolt
  • Material: High Strength Alloy Steel Grade 8, quenched & tempered
  • Standard: RR-C-271F, EN-13889
  • Finish: Bow: Galvanized, Bolt: Painted Green
  • Design Factor: 5:1
  • Identification: Trademark, Size/WLL, Batch Code
  • Certification: Manufacturers, Compliance (inquire)
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 200°C
  • Rated in Metric Ton(s)
  • Made in Holland
Van Beest Super Bow Bolt Shackles Dimensions
Part ID 25-150SUPERSA
Description 3-1/2" Van Beest Super Bow Anchor Shackle
WLL(te) 150
Size(in) 3-1/2
A(mm) 147
C(mm) 400
D(mm) 95
d-pin(mm) 95
2r(mm) 238
This item may require a forklift to unload
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