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Standard Zinc Plated Sliding Flatbed Winch

  • All winches comply with National Safety Code Standard 10 - Cargo Securement (NSC STANDARD 10)
  • All winches comply with Web Sling & Tie-down Association Standards (WSTDA-T3)
  • Features seamless solid steel mandrels and high strength alloy pawl pins
  • Webbing winches are made made with different base configurations to suit various load requirements for flatbed applications
  • Side Mount: Designed to be located on an outward facing surface of a vehicle
  • Bottom Mount: Designed to be mounted beneath the vehicle
  • Sliding: Designed to slide along the length of a vehicle to a desired location along the track or rail
Flatbed Winches Dimensions
Part ID 91308
Description Standard Zinc Plated Sliding Flatbed Winch
Brand CTS
WLL(lbs) 6,000
MBS(lbs) 18,000
Type Sliding Bottom Mount
A(in) 8.07
B(in) 4.86
C(in) 6.86
D(in) 3.92


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