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1" Gold Wire Rope Clip

  • Fed. Specs. FF-C-450, Type 1, Class 1
  • Forged saddles, H.D. galvanized
  • Gold chromate U-bolts and nuts identify 'Vanguard' product
  • Torque tested threads
  • Eye terminations reaching 80% of the rope strength when properly installed
Forged Golden Wire Rope Clips Dimensions
Part ID V29070100
Description 1" Gold Wire Rope Clip
Brand Vanguard
Rope Diameter(in) 1
Clip Minimum 5
Torque(lb/ft) 225.0
A(in) 0.73
B(in) 3.58
C(in) 1.80
D(in) 1.85
E(in) 1.77
F(in) 2.64
G(in) 3.44
Rope Turn Back(in) 26


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