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7/8" Wire Rope Wedge Socket

  • Always inspect socket, wedge and pin before using
  • Do not use any part that is showing cracks, do not repair by welding
  • Do not modify or substitute any parts or mix and match wedges or pins between sizes
  • Always select the wedge and socket for the wire rope size
  • Use only with standard 6 to 8 strand wire rope of designated size, for intermediate size rope, use next larger size socket
  • Welding of tail on wire rope is not recommended, the tail length of the dead end should be a minimum of 6 rope diameters but not less than 6"
  • Secure dead end section of rope. DO NOT ATTACH DEAD END TO LIVE END
  • Use a hammer to seat the wedge and rope as deep into socket as possible before applying first load
  • To use with rotation resistant wire rope, ensure that the dead end is welded or seized before inserting the wire rope into the wedge socket
  • This will prevent core slippage or loss of rope lay
  • The tail length of the dead end should be a minimum of 20 rope diameters but not less than 6 inches
  • Efficiency rating of the wedge socket termination is based on the catalog breaking strength of wire rope
  • The efficiency of properly assembled wedge socket is 80%
  • WARNING: Loads may slip or fall if the wedge socket is not properly installed
  • WARNING: Read and understand these instructions before installing the wedge socket
  • WARNING: Do not side load the wedge socket
  • WARNING: Do not interchange wedge socket, wedge or pin with other manufactures socket, wedge or pin
  • WARNING: Apply first load to fully seat the wedge & wire rope in socket. Load should be of equal or greater weight than loads expected in use
Wire Rope Wedge Sockets Dimensions
Part ID 116-20-22OWS
Description 7/8" Wire Rope Wedge Socket
Brand Oceanside
Size(in) 7/8
A(mm) 240
B(mm) 81
C(mm) 44
D(mm) 41
E(mm) 19


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